Win some exciting prizes by sharing your experiences | Lonely Planet's India Unexplored #ContestAlert

I am sure that many of you have brilliant experiences to share with the world. Many of you have already been sharing those with us to publish on This time, there is a chance to win some big rewards upon sharing your experiences of Unexplored India on Lonely Planet. This is a great opportunity for the friends and followers of Photo Journey. This Photo Journey talks about the basic things you need to do and some tips for winning the prizes.

Before I start sharing about the process and tips, the biggest tip is to send your entries as soon as possible. First 45 approved entries would get above mentioned prizes.

More details about the prizes can be found at

So here is what you have to do -

2. There are broadly 4 categories - Places, activities, food & shopping. Choose the category that suites your experience the best.
4. Add a catchy and inspiring title to your experience.
5. Write about the experience in less than 200 words (wow, you don't even need to write a lengthy essay :), but I think quality of these words will matter the most)
6. Then you have the option to add 5 photographs related to your experience. (Share the best ones and it's ok even if you have 2/3 photographs with great content.)
7. Also there is an option to attach video, if you have any.

You can go through the complete terms and conditions at the following link:

It is quite simple. So just share your special experiences with the world and win interesting prizes.

Best Wishes !!!

Disclaimer - All the basic tips shared are my personal opinion, and are no guarantee for winning the prizes


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