Mezzuna, Kolkata - A good place to catchup with friends

Kolkata Metro - The oldest metro network in India

Mirza Ghalib Tomb in Nizamuddin Basti, Delhi

Ishq-e-Dilli - A light and sound interpretation of the allure of Delhi

Doodh-Fanta in Kolkata - Much more than just Doodh and Fanta

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North East Festival in Delhi - A musical, gastronomic & cultural delight

India Habitat Center, Delhi - A must visit place for folks who love Art

Tiger Conservation - Not Just About Tigers

National Museum of Natural History - A must visit place for kids in Delhi

Unique Decor and Enjoyable Food of Bikers Cafe, Elgin, Kolkata ( India )

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Trams - The street crawlers of old Kolkata (West Bengal, India)

The Great Indian Chai Experience - The tea shop in Kumartuli, Kolkata

Victoria Memorial - Kolkata's mammoth marble structure (West Bengal, India)

Koshe Kosha, Kolkata - The perfect place for authentic Bengali food

Hand Pulled Rickshaws - Heritage of Kolkata, West Bengal (India)

Jorasanko Thakur bari - the ancestral home of Rabindra Nath Tagore in North Kolkata, West Bengal

Feasting on authentic Kolkata Biryani at Zeeshan (West Bengal, India)

Walking around Ganges - From Babu Ghat to Princep Ghat, Kolkata (West Bengal, India)

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Yellow beauties of Kolkata (West Bengal, India)

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