Why do you Travel?

This is one of the common question that comes to me often and I find it difficult to express it in words. Today again, a PR professional asked the same question over phone and I though of blogging about the same :). 

I found that it is also a good opportunity to know about others. How some of the popular travellers in the world feel about 'Travel'. 

Before writing this blog, I asked the same question from some of the travellers around me and the first response I got "Why do you travel?" was "Why would you not travel?"

There are various reasons that we prefer travelling and here are some of them.

1. Photography: It is the opportunity to click wonderful photographs that inspires me to explore more and capture new experiences in my TravellingCamera.

2. Out-of-the-box thinking: Travelling exposes you to new experiences, new concepts, and new knowledge. I have found that this gives me new ideas.

3. Becoming a world citizen: Travel offers opportunities to meet new people, understand their lifestyles, know about their cultures and communities. All this helps you feel one with the world.

4. All that awesome food: There are so many different cuisines around the world, and I love to try everything. Nothing tells you more about people than the food they eat. 

5. Rejuvenation: Taking frequent breaks from your everyday life to travel helps in increasing your productivity. Travel frees you from all worries that result from your routine activities. Travel is also about being free :).

Travel and Photography have become two very important parts of my life and have helped me learn a lot. Apart from that, I have established some good connections with different types of people having varied experiences. Overall Travel has been a very important part of my personal development. 

So why do you Travel? Comment back with your idea of travel...

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