Watermarking with interesting text effects in Adobe Photoshop Elements

How to add such watermarks in your Photographs ???

Here are some simple steps to do this: <>

1. Open your photograph in Editor.

2. Select Text tool from Tool-Bar on left side.

3. Write the watermark text you want.

4. Now select Bevels in Effect Panel, just above Layers Palette.

5. I have applied "Inner Ridge" Bevel in above case, you can try with other bevel styles.

6. Click on "fx" to launch Style settings dialog to control other things like Inner/Outer-Glow, Drop Shadows Etc.

These days I am exploring simple Watermarking techniques and would work on some action which can create quick watermarks for different sized images. Will share soon...


Shetty Anirudh said…
Have been using photoshop..knew of bevel option.

But didn't know could use it so well for watermarking...

Thanks n keep blogging
Many times we tend to use Photoshop tools in very specific ways. Mostly influenced by online tutorials and videos on youtube. But many of them can serve multiple purposes.

Essentially it's always about learning and tool and see ho that can be leveraged to achieve things you want to do. and that's why a lot of creativity and innovation required in this process as well.

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