Clean India - Making it a habit instead of effort

Today Indian Prime Minister announced #CleanIndia campaign and every Indian is encouraged to take initiatives to keep our country clean. Everyone is welcoming the initiative and doing something to join the initiative. At the same time, we believe that 'Swachh Bharat' is as much about prevention as about cure. If all of us adopt a lifestyle that doesn't tolerate littering in first place, half of the battle is already won. This is probably the best occasion to share an inspiring story of an Artist who took initiative to make dustbins look beautiful so that everyone feels like using them, even when not required :). 

Artist Nishat Rehman took this initiative along with a few other folks and started painting the green-colored dustbins in Lodhi Gardens in the Capital. Gradually she managed to involve general public and painted more than 100 dustbins in this garden. All dustbins were painted in well-planned and impeccably executed designs and hence each looks unique. 

Photo Credits - Nishat Rehman

If you have ever been to Lodhi Gardens, I am sure that you would have noticed these beautiful dustbins. And it's not just about painting them, but it's also about making people notice these important containers everywhere in our capital cities and encouraging everyone to use them. It is awesome to see Lodhi Garden much cleaner now. There are still some exceptions and your will see some signs of littering, but things are definitely improving. 

Photo Credits - Nishat Rehman

Personally I was always a huge fan of this project and today I felt like sharing it on our blog. 

The very basic thing we need to understand is that we need to stop littering and have cleaner public spaces. This project was also supported by NDMC and the joggers of Lodhi Gardens. 

Photo Credits - Nishat Rehman

Shiela Dixit was Delhi's chief minister then and visited Lodhi Gardens to appreciate the effort of these artists to help in making the place cleaner and beautiful. 

Photo Credits - Nishat Rehman

Soon after, the media also noticed this great effort and shared more to encourage public to join the initiative. 

Photo Credits - Nishat Rehman

It is a no-brainer that cleanliness should be a way of life and no one should have to hold a gun to our head to ensure that we lead a hygienic life. Cleanliness and concern for our own security should be natural instincts instead of something that has to be enforced on us. 

Therefore I urge everyone to be careful about keeping spaces cleaner around us. So let's pledge not to litter and also encourage people around us to follow good practices to promote cleanliness. 

To know more about Nishat and her work, check out -

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