How to open non-raw file formats in Adobe Camera Raw Dialog?

Lot of people like editing controls provided in Adobe Camera Raw and all the controls of exposure adjustments, White Balance adjustments, Saturation, Details etc. are provided at same place. A nicely clicked photograph can be improved dramatically in Adobe Camera Raw dialog of Adobe Photoshop Elements. I personally use this functionality and this is most used workflow for me... Now I have moved to Lightroom which works on this philosophy only !!! Any type of file can be processed with Raw controls in Adobe Lightroom Pro and I am loving it !!!

For now, let's see how to open a Non-Raw files in Adobe Camera Raw Dialog of Photoshop Elements:

1. Launch Adobe Photoshop Elements Editor.
2. Go to File Menu, opt for "Open As..." 

3. It will open a dialog to explore the file you want to open.
4. Go to appropriate path and select the file you want to open.
5. Go to 'Open As' dropdown and select the highlighted option for 'Camera Raw...'

6. Click 'Open' button
7. Selected file will be opened in Adobe Camera Dialog and now its ready to process appropriately !!

Please leave comments to share your feedback about the article or any experiences around this workflow !!!


Rashmi said…
Thats a very informative post!!
Hey Rashmi,

Happy to hear that you found it useful. Just a curious question - do you also shoot in raw? I mean, have you ever used Adobe Camera Raw capabilities earlier?

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