How to keep your blog and social media channels alive when you are busy in office or out for travel?

This is one of the common topics discussed among bloggers, micro-bloggers, and social media enthusiasts, and many times, I too have been asked by my fellow bloggers to share my approach. Today I am sharing how I deal with this issue, especially in cases when I do not have access to the Internet. I frequently find myself isolated from the Internet because many of my trips are to the rural parts of Himachal Pradesh and I often go for treks as well. 

Let's answer the basic question first. Why do you want to post on your social channels? And why is it important for you to update your blog as per a decided frequency? Let me try to answer the second question first, although many of you will already know some fundamental reasons. For a blogger, it is very important that she engages well with her audience/viewers and meets their expectations. There are many followers who come to your blog on the basis of the frequency of your posts and hence it is important not to disappoint them. How do I handle it? I decide in advance what I want to post on weekends and on specific days of the week. I always mark important days in my calendar and know what needs to be posted on what date. Then I find time during the weekends to prepare posts for the coming days and for the days I am going to be out traveling. And I schedule them to be published on those particular days and also specify the exact time.

Now the next challenge is that you scheduled a post to be published automatically on a particular day, but who will share it on social media? That's again a very easy process. You can find a lot of plugins that can be integrated with your blog and they automatically share anything that is published on your blog on all your social media channels. 

And if you wish to post more frequently on social media while you are away, and wish to share older content as well during the time, scheduling will again come to your rescue. There are options to schedule posts on each channel separately as well as one-stop options to push on all social media channels together.  

So it's all about managing your available time well and using the best tools/plugins available, and you can be make sure that nothing will impact your blogs/websites in your absence. 

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