Stunning Ceilings and the finer architectural designs of centuries old Ranakpur Jain Temples near Kumbhalgarh & Udaipur cities of Rajasthan

Sky scraping Jagdish Temple - A beautiful architectural wonder of Mewar Dynasty and a significant landmark inside Udaipur City of Rajasthan

Magnificent Fateh Sagar Lake - Not as good as Lake Pichola, but has it's interesting reasons to invite tourists from different parts of the world visiting Udaipur town of Rajasthan

Beautiful Kumbha Shyam Temple inside Chittor Fort, Rajasthan - A symbol of Meera's love for Krishna and a Brilliant piece of Architecture in India's Largest fort

Samadhishvara Temple with 3 faces of Shiva - A brilliant piece of Architecture built in 11th century inside Chittor fort of Royal Rajasthan

Our First visit to a Vineyard in India - United Breweries in Baramati is a great place to have an exceptional wine tasting experience along with a well curated tour of the winery

Vijay Stambha in Chittor Fort of Rajasthan - The highest monument inside India's Largest Fort : Victory Tower of Mewar with stunning carvings on it & a special place to great Panoramic views of Chittorgarh

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