The Festive Fervour at Adobe Systems, Noida || By Bhavna Negi

From conducting unique team building sessions to inviting families of employees for Diwali celebrations, corporate have taken their standard Diwali festivities to the next level. To know more, read on...

Till not so long ago, Diwali celebrations in office were always simple. A small office party to celebrate the occasion (more often than not, called the Diwali get-together) with some festive food and decorations - the celebrations seldom went beyond.

Day One Started with the onset of two events - Rangoli and Mehendi competition.

Watching the different ways people choose to participate — whether by Rangoli or in Mehendi events — also revealed employee's individual interests. 

People from different teams participated in these events, and because of this, employees were able to network and get to know more people at Adobe.

Times, however, are changing. With teams kicking into action, companies are increasingly opting to commemorate Diwali in unusual ways - using the festival to build teams, motivate employees, increase bonding within the organisation and encouraging company-led corporate social responsibility initiatives.

The members of ESCAPE wanted to do something special to mark this year's Diwali, a festival of lights celebrated throughout the world. 

ESCAPE team at Adobe Systems. (c) - Shashank Shekhar

As if was yesterday, this year Diwali celebrations were as dazzling and vivacious they were last year. Which girl doesn't love those henna laided hands. 

Adobe has great talent and amazing creative people. We are pretty sure these pictures will exude the enthusiam that was witnessed during these days.

Festivals at Adobe are always a great time to build bonhomie and encourage bonding especially between people. Adobe's ESCAPE groups work hard to showcase the diversity and talent here at Adobe.

Stay Tuned for Day Two.... To Be Contd.

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Thanks for sharing this Bhavna !

Now I know what all happened yesterday in office :)
btw, the very first Rangoli looks great and probably I know the creative team involved :)
This is the much awaited event of the year at Adobe. Everyone look forward to it.
Great that you know the creative mind behind the first rangoli :)

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