8000+ folk dancers make a record during International Kullu Dussehra Festival in Himachal Pradesh, India | By Yash Raj

The famous International Dussehra fair is on in Kullu town of Himachal Pradesh in India. And yesterday something big happened in padhal ground of kullu town. 8000+ folks dancers from different parts of Kullu district came to the town for dancing together at same time on Himachali folk songs. This Photo Journey more about this exceptional moment, in attempt to make entry into Limca book of world record. 

Can you imagine what these guys have done? Every one of them dressed in Himachaly dress comprising of Dhatu, Pattu etc. Dhatu is the one which is tied on head and Pattu is the one which is wrapped around the body. 

Isn't it amazing that people from different villages come together and perform dance in sync. I wish I was there to witness this moment. 

Nati folk dance is one of the most popular dance-forms of Himachal Pradesh. There are different dance forms in various regions of Himalayan state of India and more can be checked at - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traditional_dances_of_Himachal_Pradesh  

Everyone in Kullu town was waiting for this moment for quite some time. 'Pride of Kullu' is definitely an event worth remembering. After looking at this poster, I just realized that Padhal ground is also called as Rath Ground.   

If you notice, most of these folk dancers are wearing silver jewelry. Silver is considered very auspicious and hence used when worshipping their gods. 

Every folks dancer got a badge with participation number on it. We shall try to arrange a video of this event soon. For the time being you may want to check out some videos on youtube. 

All photographs shared on this Photo Journey are clicked by Yash Raj.

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