A visit to the world of creativity - Sand Art Museum, Mysore, India | By Amit Aggarwal

In July this year, I took couple of days extra during my official visit to Bangalore and decided to have a short trip to Ooty & Coonoor with team mates there. It was just awesome.

On the way back, while visiting Chamundeshwari Temple in Mysore, we saw a notice board for Sand Art Exhibition on the Chamundi Hill road.

We were in two minds as were getting late and had to reach Bangalore soon for me to catch a flight to Delhi back home. After lot of consideration and debate, we finally decided to spend 15-20 min quickly and see what is this all about.

We finally reached, parked our car outside the gate (no official parking there) and checked out more banners, posters and big flex prints outside which convinced us even more to go inside and take a closer look. 

There was an entry fee of Rs 40/- each.

Entry Gate of Sand Museum

We were completely blown away with the creativity and perfection here. We learnt that there are as many as 150 sculptures on 16 themes in a 13,500 sq ft area.

All these were created by a young artist, M.N.Gowri, who opened her museum recently for public and became a big tourist attraction. 

All the different themes are beautifully crafted with perfection. I was amazed to see how different cultures and emotions are captured on sand with nothing but water to bound. It has sculptures of Gods, Cartoons, Religions, Cultures, Countries, History, you name it and you will find a relevant piece of art to treat your eyes and soul.

We were not the only ones but there was a continuous movement of visitors who all admired this world of dreams. Check out the below creativity, specially the pages of the book which look more than a real. 

This beautiful scene below is from famous Dussehra festival of Mysore Palace.

After i came back, i did more research and read more about this unique place and came to know about more interesting facts. 115 trucks full of construction sand was used to create all these sculptures. Ms Gowri took 4 months full time to create all these beautiful pieces of art. 

I read online that insecticides are sprayed regularly to prevent insects from making crevices in the art works. This museum requires regular inspection and maintenance. Unlike other sand art creations displayed on Indian beaches which are created as a tourist attraction temporarily for visitors, this museum is of permanent nature. 

With this last piece of art, a scene from Mahabharta where Lord Krishna is giving geeta updesh to Arjuna, i let you enjoy these beautiful creations. 

Please share your experience in the comments section below in case you have been already to this place.

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