We just need an excuse to celebrate this day - Happy Chocolate Day

I can confidently say this -- A vast majority of the world's population loves chocolate and would grab any excuse to binge on them. Chocolate day is just one of those excuses. And that is the single most important reason why chocolates came to symbolize "love". I believe that the people who gift chocolates on this day also hope to get a share of the gift or may be get chocolates in return. ;-) Believe me. I am talking from experience.

Various types of chocolates are circulated on this day and in fact during the whole week leading up to the Valentine's Day. Some of the common ones are milk chocolates, dark chocolates, white chocolates, liquor chocolates, mint chocolates, and various other flavoured chocolates. Brands like Nestle, Cadbury, Ferrero Rocher, and Ghirardelli and confectioners selling exotic, home-made chocolates make huge profits during these days. But no one grudges makers of chocolates their profits. After all they make sure that we are never short of these caffeine-rich, mood-lifting sweets.

On this day, make sure you spread joy by giving someone special a box of his/her favorite chocolates, and make sure you stick around for long enough for them to be forced into offering you one. ;-) And if they are able to see through your trick, go ahead buy one for yourself. There cannot be a better excuse for gifting yourself a chocolate. It is after all the Chocolate Day!

A Very Happy Chocolate Day to You and Your Loved Ones.


Unknown said…
Every day is Chocolate Day for me... :-D

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