MobileGIRI with HTC DesireHD at Adobe India

4 years back Adobe gifted HTC DesireHD smartphones to all it's employees. It was the time, there were quite a few options in Smartphones. I am still using this phone and have used it's camera for clicking lots of photographs. Last weekend, I had a look at these photographs and realized that I have approximately 2400 photographs clicked using this phone camera. This Photo Journey shares some of the photographs clicked in my office (Adobe Noida, India).  

I was just checking the date when my phone was procured and realized that it’s just 4 years old :). It was procured on 25th Feb, 2011. Now most of my Adobe friends have changed their phones and using most of the latest and best smart phone. I am one of the few folks who are still using HTC DesireHD :). I see how Android has changed the world of mobile phones. Did you ever imagine to change your phone is 2 years? Lot of folks I know have changed their smartphones in 2-3 years. And still there are lot of folks who want to move to different phones having latest versions of Android. Many times, it’s not even about the need. Most of the times, it’s about keeping yourself updated all the time. 

From the very first day, I loved it’s camera and have been using it continuously. This Photo Journey shares photograph which were clicked in my office over these 4 years. Phone-camera in your pocket is always a great advantage and especially when you are on the move and can’t afford to carry other cameras with you.

I found it an appropriate time to share this Photo Journey. Soon we are going to move out of this building and going to a new & bigger office space on Noida Expressway. This Photo Journey will help many of us to recollect old memories of this colorful building in City Center of Noida. 

Above photograph was clicked on a very clear day, which is rare in National Capital Region in India. It's rare that you see blue sky in Delhi and surounding areas. 

A view from one of our conference rooms. During initial years of my career, I have also worked in this HCL office. 

Photograph for the gentleman who keeps this colorful building clean all the time and that's why I could click such clear reflections of blue sky. #Thanks 

Most of the folks love the colors use inside and outside the building. Many outsides know Adobe as a colorful building. At times, auto drivers think that it's a hotel or a mall. 

Pigeons also love this building a lot. Lot of Pigeons can be seen roaming around the building, especially during mornings and evenings. 

Above photograph makes many of the folks nostalgic. When I shared this on Facebook, few of friends wrote back about how much they miss this office after leaving Adobe. 

Here is the popular front view of Adobe Noida building, which is a popular landmark in this part of the city. 

If you have ever spent time in this beautiful campus of Adobe, please leave a comment with your most memorable thing about this place. 

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