It's 25th Birthday of Adobe Photoshop - #‎Photoshop25‬

We all know Photoshop. It is a well known Noun, and has over time become a widely accepted Verb too.  A puzzling monolith, the software has become a lifeline for almost all creative professionals such as photographers, artists, designers etc, over the past two decades. At 25, Photoshop can be safely regarded as 'elderly' in the world of Software. And today is its birthday. The software that has transformed the world in more than one ways, deserves to be wished by all its users, creators, and rivals.

I feel proud about the fact that I have worked with folks who are behind this legendary software. During these years, I got chance to interact with some of the popular names behind Photoshop. Seetharaman Narayan is one of the inspiring person who visited Adobe India few times and his passion is very inspiring for many of us. 

Just recall how Phtoshop is part of everyone's life. Morning newspaper uses lot of images and graphics created using Photoshop. Most of the advertisements you see on your way to office and almost everything where you see designing involvement. Can you think of any other such old software which touches our lives this much? Isn't it amazing. 

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