Adventure Tours in Sicily

Headed to Sicily? Good choice! Make sure to book your holidays in Sicily in advance well before you go, as the summer months especially tend to get crowded. An easy way to do so is by renting a villa in Sicily online. Once you’ve booked, start shopping around for some of the best adventure activities on the island. Here are some of my favorites:

Mount Etna Hike and Local Wine Tour - Mount Etna is the tallest active volcano in Europe, and it is also the home of some of the best wines in the world. On this tour you can visit the ancient and modern lava flows as well as the caves and forests they have carved. Stop at the lovely river near the Alantcar Gorge, whose canyons were carved by an ancient flow. After this, visit the local wineries and enjoy a delicious Sicilian lunch. The wines are paired to perfection with all dishes, and you’ll be wanting a nice Sicilian siesta when you’re done!

Jeep ride from Taormina to Etna - Adventurers, hold your hats on because you’re in for a full day of outback fun on the tallest volcano in Europe! The tour guide will take you on a scenic jeep ride up to the highest point of the mountain, which is the northern side (1,800 meters above sea level). You will also stop at one of the fabulous local wineries and taste fresh, delicious “Etna Rosso” paired with perfect appetizers.

6 hour Etna trekking tour, for serious hikers only! This is a tour recommended for those serious hikers who want the hands - and feet - on experience. You will get to visit the site of the 1892 eruption and the Silvestri caves it created. Inside the cave you will be given a headlight and helmet for some serious exploration. The rest of the time will be divided between hiking in the Bove valley and tasting local products at a restaurant and winery. Find more about Etna trekking itineraries here.

Segesta and Erice - This is a full-day tour packed to the brim with history, food, gorgeous countryside and splendid coastline. You will start in the ancient Greek ruins of Segesta which are home to a Greek temple with 16 intact pillars. Then you will head to Erice, a town centered around a medieval castle 2,500 feet above sea level near the city of Trapani. Here you will enjoy stunning views of the coastal islands, wander down cobblestones streets, and dine in one of the regions best local restaurants.

Tour of Siracusa - Siracusa is a city that cannot be missed on a trip to Sicily. I recommend taking a guided tour because there is so much rich history hidden around every corner and in every piazza. Take for example the central Catholic church, which was actually a Greek temple. The Greeks founded Siracusa back in 637 BC, and gorgeous white architecture has stood the test of time, and a change of religion! The adventure kicks in when you head out to the town of Ortigia, which is connected to Siracusa by three different bridges. On this isle you will find another stunning Greek temple to marvel at: the Temple of Apollo.

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