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When we were staying in Bamboo village of Thrikapatta (Wayanad), we  took a tour of beautiful region around a waterbody where bamboo villas were being built. Our host, Suneesh took us inside these villas and showed the interesting use of Bamboo sticks of different varieties. 

Wayanad has a village called Bamboo village which has huge bamboo plantation and some of the very talented bamboo craftsmen. In this village 45+ varieties of bamboo are found and most of these craftsmen create some of the wonderful things out of these bamboo sticks. 

This part of the village was very well located around a waterbody. These huts and villas are built by Kabani Community Tourism Services. Just imagine yourself spending vacations in such houses around naturally rich atmosphere. Sounds great, right?

We also stepped into one of the villa which was almost complete. Few tourists were already staying there, so we didn't see it from inside.  

These villas have huge balconies with appropriate furniture made of Bamboo. Notice these chairs and table. Everything is made-up of Bamboo. It was really amazing to see all these creations of bamboo.  

We plan to visit this place again and stay in these beautiful Bamboo villas.  

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magiceye said…
Sure worth a visit!!
Param said…
Wow. What an experience it must have been. Also looks like a very cool place to stay and ralax over a busy weekday.
Debopam said…
Such a nice place to spend some quality time..... Thanks for the lovely post....
D.Nambiar said…
Wow! I should check out this place too. :)
Very inviting.
Unknown said…
Nice to see these pictures... Really it is an amazing place to visit..
yes Magiceye.

Param, Yes it was a great experience.

Debopam - That's true. Thanks for going through the post.

Jaslynn - Thanks :)

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