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Lohri is one of the most popular festivals of North India. This festival very popular among punjabi families. This time, we were in Rohini and Lohri is celebration in our society every year. This time, we also planned to go there and see what all happens. 

There is open space in middle of the society and bonfire at huge scale was happening. Almost all society families were present around this bonfire. Prasad was being distributed to everyone and most of the folks were taking round of this bonfire by casting peanut, revari & pop-corns. This is a way to do pooja on Lohri night. 

Soon after 2 stalls were put around the corner. Garma-garam pakoras were being served to everyone and tea on other counter. I like this idea of celebrating these festivals with everyone in the society. These are some of the reasons that bring people closer by taking out time from the busy schedule.  

Lohri is traditionally associated with the harvest of the rabi crops. The traditional time to harvest sugarcane crops is January and therefore, Lohri is seen by some to be a harvest festival. The general time to sow sugarcane is January to March and the harvesting period is between December to March with a 12 to 18 month cycle.  Sugarcane products such as gurh and gachak are central to Lohri celebrations, as are nuts which are harvested in January.  The other important food item of Lohri is radish which can be harvested between October and January. Check out more at - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lohri

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