Travellingcamera choses a phone as an ideal Valentine

Valentine week comes to an end today and the most important day of this week is today. Happy Valentine's Day everyone. I know that title of this post sounds crazy, but here I want to share top 5 reasons for Asus Zenfone being an ideal Valentine. And why not? After all a phone remains with everyone most of the times. Isn't that true for most of us?

1. It's always with me without being demanding.

Isn't it amazing that it's of huge use for you and not so demanding. I am sure that battery charging would come to your mind because that has been an area of concern for many of the smartphone users. But Asus Zenfone doesn't demand charging that frequently even when I have 3G ON all the time. Many times, you come across things which are exceptional but their demanding nature doesn't work in longer run. I personally prefer reliable & non-demanding elements in my life. 

2. Doesn't complaint ever.

Ohh yes, it keep serving smoothly without any hassle. Is't it a great reason to be an ideal valentine :). Even when it's used in rough conditions, it doesn't mind. The credit goes to it's solid build. It comes with Android 4.3 loaded on it, which is pretty good Android operating system in terms of features and overall performance. 

3. Knows answers to everything.

Ohh yes, it comes with great set of applications which keeps you updated all the time and keeps you away from any worries. Anything you want to find on the run, it's readily available. Quite good speed to explore apps and internet.

4. Makes you smile and laugh :)

Many times, through various mediums :). Various applications which help me interact with my friends and family. It's quick performance and prompt notifications keep me in continuous touch with my friends. The cheerful beauty of Asus Zenfone make me smile all the time and this comes in different colors. The cheerful colors always make me happy in general. You can make that from my blog :)

5. Doesn't let me get lost.

It's very caring and keep me on track for things happening in daily routine and doesn't allow me to get lost through unknowns. It's touch screen is very friendly and helps me moving between he screens/apps to get timely updates on required information. 

And the bonus reasons are - it's good camera and a chance to fly to Singapore. What a Travellingcamera can ask for :). I know that all this may sound very unusual but think about things you have in your life and see which all can be your valentines & why? It would be great to hear your opinion about the same and your valentines :)

Folks who are buying Asus Zenfone during Feb'15 are eligible for different gift vouchers and a chance to fly to Singapore. By looking at the price, this is eligible to be a good phone for travellers who like clicking photographs on the go and believe in memory keeping. 

And to conclude this post on Valentine's Day, I would want you to watch the video on the top (if you haven't checked it yet) and let me know through comments about the same. Did you like it or not and why?

Post is inspired by 'Experience #UnconditionalLove with the Zenfone'

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