Dorset - A Dream Destination ( by - Akanksha Dureja)

Wanderlust can't be treated. It is something you have to live with, once the travel-bug bites you. The sooner you learn to deal with it, the better.While some quit their shiny corporate jobs to see the world, some like me make do with packing their bags every weekend and head towards an unknown direction.

The summer of 2013 was a tricky one because it was hardly a summer for me. Still, I won't complain as layers kept me warm inside and seeing the world made my heart warm and mushy. Hot chocolate filled my stomach as well as my heart as I wandered around Europe and fell in love with the cold but welcoming Atlantic.

It was a sunny day , which sure is a rare occurrence in England. So we decided to make the most of it and hopped into a car and headed towards Dorset. The Atlantic is charming in its own ways, and it is at its best at Dorset. As per wiki, over half the county is designated as an area of astounding natural beauty and three quarters of its coast-line is a World Heritage Site. Lulworth Cove, Jurassic Coast and Durdledor, all form a part of this extraordinarily beautiful World Heritage site. They make a panorama which is so pleasing to the eye that no camera can even do any justice to what the eyes see.

Lulworth Cove is a sight which made me forget about the world. I just sat there, mesmerized. The horizon was blue, so was the earth and the sky. For a moment, I even forgot I am the crazy person who clicks 500 odd pics a day!

I just didn't want to turn my back to the Cove, but the thought of being near water overpowered me after a while. It took immense willpower to move ahead. But, when I did, I saw the Durdledor, at the Jurassic Coast - Another unforgettable sight. The limestone arch stood tall and steady and I only wondered about what mother nature is really capable of!

My eyes hadn't seen such intoxicating beauty before. The closer I went to the blues, the more I lost my senses. As much as I wanted to just lay in the water forever, I couldn't do it because it was really cold and the pebbles underneath didn't help either. For me, It was something I could see and experience but couldn't really touch. And then I saw some-one posing for me so I played along.

And then, I posed too! It was really hard to look at the camera and not the deep blue sea. 

We decided to explore even more and went towards the back of the arch. It was a risky trail, given the rocks were not solid and the landslide warnings all around didn't help either. But, once we were there, it was sure worth the risk.

It was a task to get me back into the car. I could have spent my life, just staring at the sea. But, since my friends promised to buy me drink ( English Tea, in this case) I finally bid a temporary good-bye to the sea side, with a promise to return again.   

I freaked out when I saw who was driving the van where we stopped for English Tea and ice-cream candy.

About Akanksha -  A software engineer, a realist, and a cribber by the day. A wanderer, a writer, and a dreamer, by the night! She is a passionate blogger and more of her creative work can be checked at -


The cove is gorgeous! But it does look cold :)

I agree with you on the travel-bug...and I am very glad its not curable :)

-- Houseboats of Srinagar
Rahul Bhatia said…
Good to see someone like me also bitten by travel bug Akanksha! Dorset does look lovely! I too was on a three week discovery of Europe last month:)
Ghata said…
Beautiful pictures Akanksha :)
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said…

Thanks for reading! It was indeed one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.
Unknown said…
I have been a fan of your travel escapades since a long time now. Waiting to read about the European Odyssey.
Unknown said…
Thanks a lot, darling! :)
K V V S MURTHY said…
Great pics and with solid narration..!
Thanks for the lovely Photo Journey Akanksha !

Thoroughly enjoyed the journey with you and wondering if this dog was actually driving the van, as we used to see in bollywood movies of 1970s :)

Lovely clicks !!
Bikram said…
a stupid question .. are you in uk :)

and yes I stayed for a week in dorset 2013 , it is a beautiful place

Arpit said…
Beautiful post..

Couple of shots are worth hanging on the wall :)
Saru Singhal said…
What a beautiful place. Coupled with your narration and pictures, I feel like packing my bags and head there.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful place ... thanks for sharing the info and introducing a new travel blog ....your posts will help a lot planning my trip to UK ;)

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