A walk around the Caernarfon and Conwy Castles || A Trip to the North of Wales

My trip to the North of Wales with friends in 2011 was a bouquet of myriad experiences. Miles and miles of rolling green hills, interspersed with pristine beaches and grand, imposing castles. It was a memorable trip and one that will live in my memories for a long time to come.
One stop during the trip was at Gwynedd, where we were given an hour and a half to explore the magnificent Caernarfon Castle. The time was too short I feel. We were barely able to scratch the surface of this mysterious building in that time.

These majestic walls were built by Edward I in the 13th century over a pre-existing motte-and-bailey castle.

To approach the castle we had to walk through some of these interesting lanes, steeped in history. Unfortunately, we hardly had time to explore these, as we also had to have lunch within that one and a half hour. 

The castle towers above the little village and is the key tourist attraction, and it overlooks the River Seiont.
Another castle we explored was the Conwy Castle, another exceptional architectural marvel built by King Edward I in the 13th century. We took a walk on the castle walls and explored this UNESCO World Heritage Site as much as we could in the one hour we were allowed for the town. 

A random look outside one of the windows revealed lush green lawns and beautiful blue water of the harbour beyond. The site was mesmerizing and even though we didn't want to, we had to move on.

Watch out for more on North of Wales, soon.


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