Green Forest Resort, Dhanaulti - A candid review by TravellingCamera

After reading a lot on internet and checking out reviews of different properties in Dhanualti, we finalized to stay in 'Green Forest Resort' which is located on the road connecting Mussourie with Dhanaulti. Dhanualti is just 2 kilometers from this place. 

As we reached the resort, we expecting a reception area wherein we will be given the keys of our rooms (we had booked 3 rooms). There is no reception area in this resort, because they have no professional manager or staff to manage that. After getting down from our tempo traveller, two folks came to pick up the stuff and take us to our rooms. All the three rooms were in same cottage and entry to all the rooms was from dining area. So this space may not be appropriate for couples visiting the place, as privacy is major concern.

Note - Even after reading the review, you plan to stay in this resort and you have senior folks in the group, make sure that they book the rooms for you in the cottage which is closest to the road.

As we headed to our rooms, we were surprised to see extremely basic stuff inside the room. There was a basic double-bed with very basic mattresses, 2 chairs & a table. Actually we wanted to order tea and staff told us that tea is not possible as it's lunch time in the kitchen, we wanted to make tea inside the room. But then we realized that electric kettles were not there. btw, we were paying 3600 Rs per room and such basic things are always expected in relatively better hotels/resorts. These basic things disappointed us very badly. As we moved to the bathrooms, we realized that flow of water was such that you need to wait for at least 10 minutes to full the bucket and then go again to take bath :). I am not exaggerating at all. It may need more that 10 mins, but not less. Toilet rolls were missing in the washrooms and when asked they arranged after an hour. 

Gradually we faced lot of service related issues during the stay. Food was really bad, which was cooked by young boys who are probably employed during the summer season. None of the staff members was trained and hence very bad service. We ordered tea 6 times during 3 days of stay and every time it was not as hot as you expect your tea-cup to be. I can keep going on services and food, but the basic fact is that - it was one of the worst experience I had.

This property is otherwise located at a very nice location and exteriors are also beautiful, but basic things inside the rooms is completely ignored. Price they quote is way beyond what it deserves. (Another advice - Don't get influenced by photographs :) )

It's poorly maintained property. I could see the reasons as well. There is no professional manager in the property who takes care of it. So don't expect clean lawns and gardens. There is a local guy who takes care of the property and he is again more interested in transactions. If you are booking online, there is someone in Mussourie who does everything related to bookings but would not be accessible as you reach the property. 

I would not recommend any family to stay in this resort. And if you are group of boys who would spend most of the time outside the resort, you may choose to stay at 1500 per room, if possible. Beyond that, it's not worth at all. 

So it's a big NO from our side. If you want to know more, please do drop a comment and we shall get back.

This is a very well located property, so the owner should really focus on basic facilities, better maintenance, trained staff and professional cook/chef. 


Love your photos ...if you don't mind can you share which lens you use for landscape ..

Had been to mussorie when was a kid #Nostalgic
I have used Nikon 35mm 1.8 and 18-55mm.
This is such a bad experience, considering the fact that Dhanaulti is a much sorted Weekend Getaway.
We stayed at Snow View Point Hotel. The place in look may not look fancy, but it was very prim and proper and the food served was fresh and homely.
The staff was extremely friendly. Few of us were quite early riser and hence needed tea. The kitchen usually opens at 10.00, but for our early riser we had the kitchen open by 7.00 too.
Thanks for sharing these details Bhavna. It would be helpful for folks, if you can also share the tariff and any other recommendations, if someone choses to stay in 'Snow View Point Hotel'.
We stayed for 2 nights. The stay costed approx Rs. 2500 per person inclusive of food + additional approx Rs. 600/- for the bonfire.

The place was value for money.
I stayed at some other resort in dhanaulti and it was equally bad!!!

I also realized that Dhanaulti has not much options to stay. Not sure if there are some good Home Stays around the town. I didn't explore much on that.
Unknown said…
Hi, love your pictures Mr.VJ they are really amazing.I was going through your review and i would like to differ.I stayed at this place with my family in the month of june.The place has beautiful cottages fully independent for each family.We took a three bed-room cottage for our family,it was fully independent with the rest of the cottages just for our family.I found the staff affable and the food served to us was absolutely amazing! The facilities offered at this place considering the location are good. Its the best place to stay in dhanaulti.
Hi Arisha, Happy that you liked the pics and we also loved the exteriors and location of the place:). Would like to know more about your stay. As in when did you stay there? Our experience was really bad. Here are few things, I would also like to know. What facilities did you get in the room, apart from the Beds? When we stayed, we had ask for each and every thing and then expect some delays, the boys tend to forget most of the times :) . Do you think that resort has trained staff? And I don't have words to explain about the food we got there. And finally how much did you pay?
Unknown said…
I stayed there from 14th june to 16th june.I was so mesmerised by the place because i love travelling and specially to such places.I agree that facilities are not much there but the beauty of the place makes up for it :) If i wanted anything i asked the staff person and was provided the tea and coffee could be re heated :) Food served to us was amazing,the bonfire and everything . I would just say the place is great and basic facilities are provided. Plus the peo
Unknown said…
The staff is local and affable.The people at the reception are with you 24/7. We called them at 1am and still they were happy to help as we were having problem with routes. :) there are pros and cons to every place.Its unfortunate that your stay was not good :) i hope you would get a better stay in dhanaulti some where else. But i think this resort is the best in dhanolti.
Location is no doubt good, but I wish it's run professionally :( . And the tariffs they charge doesn't justify their services at all.

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