Capturing the birght colors of new life after rains || Photography in Monsoons

Recently one of our followers, who has been following PHOTO JOURNEY for last 7 years, shared some feedback about the posts we are publishing these days. And it came out that lot of our old followers are missing Photography related posts here. Today we thought of sharing something which is only related to Photography and not travelling :).

Tomorrow monthly editorial will be published and we will share more plans about sharing more stuff on Photography. 

It's Monsoon time in India and hence sharing a photograph clicked during Monsoons, when almost every plant gets new leaves. And nature has different ways to surprise us. Monsoons is a good time when you need not to go far for taking some beautiful photographs. Just take your camera with appropriate lens and walk to nearby park. And prefer to visit just after rains, so that you can capture the play of droplets with flowers and leaves. And here it's not much about camera/lens settings you use, but more about observing something unusual or special which is wroth capturing and share. Of course, right settings are also equally important but here we are mainly talking about special things which happen during monsoons only.

Above photograph is very close to my heart. This was shot 7 years back during monsoons and that was the time, when I was learning photography and was trying to shoot different things. If you notice carefully, these bunch of juvenile leaves are just coming out to the world through a golden cover which had kept them safe for some some of their initial days. Isn't it brilliant. I had never seen something before and even after that. 

When you are comfortable with you equipments, it's mostly about the way you look at things and a unique way of capturing it. So always keep observing and improving your artistic skills, in parallel to enhancing technical skills for better usage of your photography equipments. 

It's one of the best times of the year to capture bright colors of natural beauties around us. So just pick up your cameras and click something to remember for years !!!

And feel free to share your experiences/results with us

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