Chandrataal - The enchanting, soul-searching journey into wilderness || By Peeush Tomar

I always would wonder, as though gods are omnipresent, yet why they generally stay far away from the hustle bustle of our mundane lives; as why in Hindu mythology, all gods have chosen pristine, serene and calm surroundings, generally unattainable heights, to rest in; It’s almost like “Do Not Disturb” signboard: And believe me, it’s nowhere short of an ardent task to reach out for their blessings.

My journey to the breathtakingly gorgeous crescent-like moon lake gave me all the answers and fulfilled  my desire of seeing something unforgettable for the rest of my life. I was fortunate enough to plan the trip in July with crystal clear and fresh skies giving me the best of views; this lovely lake is nestled among mighty Himalayas, very secretively, at 14000 ft. and falls under Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh.

The terrain, the little unattainability, the surroundings add to the majesty around the mesmerising Chandrataal. However, the arduous pathways till the trek base “Batal” completed the “Yang” factor...and from there started the quest of almost 18 miles walk, every step into the arid lands building the furore and excitement of seeing something like nothing else. I talked to the silence, to the birds, the springs, the sun, the shadows; the quietness was so blissful, the disconnect from the connectivity of the world was a heavenly feeling. I could almost feel my own heartbeat; where else I could be embracing the calmness in literal sense and so beautifully!

I walked a bit more, cherished the way sun played mischief, winking an eye at me from far and my shadows conversing animatedly. The mountains were a mystic sight, half white, half blue-brown, around me and above me. There seemed to be no haste in the environment; once in a while, I would see a random human paddling away and waving a quick “hi”. I had chosen to walk; not everyone would as it’s quite a motorable path till a few kilometres away. 

And finally I reached the shelter, the abode; the lovely tents in the campsite were tempting enough for me to sit back, relax and enjoy, but the destination was still calling! And I hiked up further to the lake which is almost like a folklore; and believe me, the last part of the journey from the camps to the lake is what I call, slightly testing and a gasp for breath but worth. I tripped twice to Chandrataal, once that evening and once early morning and that was one of the best decisions of mine, as the lake literally is a myriad of colours – transforming from a blue to sea green to grey! It was almost magical, the breeze was resplendent and the feeling divine. 

I was just witnessing what was almost god-like! The lake, crystal clear, lasts to a vast 4 kilometre stretch, endless and grand amidst the lush greens, serene mountains and blue skies. I couldn’t move away, I simply couldn’t; the thirst to drink up visually all of the magnificence was at its peak, and the lake, the surroundings were at their generous best to give a time of my life.

Coming to think of it, that very moment I realised what is being connoted so crystal clear – When the divine indomitable force, we so believe in, has not looked for materialistic luxuries for an abode, why do we have to get into this never-ending, never happy quest of attaining more in the concreteness of the world we are living in?

I would love to live and breathe the refreshing Chandrataal and its invincible charm any day.

About Peeush -  I'm Peeush, Peeush the nomad; living by my name, travel is my oxygen; I breathe, soak in and aspire travelling. I have explored various lands, relished countless local flavours and colours, climbed hills, splashed around in springs, witnessed countless sunrises and sunsets and admired rainbows. A spontaneous, zealous and earthen journey is my definition of acquaintance with world: very rustic, very relative. For living, just like many others, I have a profession tooJ am a marketer; building alliances, formulating strategies and creating brands is my mojo in the barbarian corporate world but what excites me more is a glowing sun, splattering raindrops, delicious tea aroma, quacking kids, endless drives across meadows, relishing company of select few, spirituality in mildest of tones and the secrets of relatively unknown. And here I am to pen down my memoirs and experiences from the slice of life of mine, yours and anyone's as I cross paths, create footnotes and build memories on roads. I will scribble down what my heart says, what's positive and reflective, what we witness by the day and night. I am little eccentric, a poet, a singer, a traveller, and a bit of everything...let our shadows interact!!! Feeding on the mantra of my life " I travel in quest of myself, my abode and my creator”, I will keep writing!

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