Jawahar Fish Aquarium on Mall Road in Mussourie, Uttrakhand (India)

Jawahar Fish Aquarium is one of the main attractions on Mall Road in Mussourie, Uttrakhand (India). There are some interesting types of fishes in this aquarium. This Photo Journey shares more about this place and photographs of fishes we met.

Longnose Gar was very interesting fish in some of the aquarium. These were just in the beginning of the hall on first floor. This campus is accessible from Mall Road through an escalator. There are huge fish tanks installed in two huge halls and they have put some of the very interesting species. 

I forgot most of the names now, but will try to find out appropriate details of other fishes available in Jawahar Fish Aquarium in Mussourie Mall Road.

Silver Arowana was again a very different shaped fish. This one doesn't look like a fish at all. A huge fish which has very different face.

Silver Arowana
Longnose Gar - which has mouth of an alligator. It was a huge fish again and it was difficult for me to click it completely. Since there were lot of folks in the hall, I had to be close to the fish tanks to capture them well. I was using 35mm lens to take care of low light and hence couldn't capture the whole body.

Banded Butterfly Fish is another interesting fish in this aquarium. These are usually found in Atlantic ocean from Brazil to Bermuda. Most of these fishes are imported for this aquarium and we were wondering if this is right enviornment to put them. It must be pretty challenging to ensure that all these fishes live there with good health.

Some of the fish tanks looked affected with some sort of problem, wherein we noticed few dead fishes floating on the top surface and others were very disturbed.

Iridescent Catfish is another fish having huge size and there were lot of them in a huge fish tank. Unfortunately I didn't click any photograph of whole aquarium. Since we were there in summer, it was over crowded.

My nephew really loved the place and now he misses going there.  During one of our conversation, I realized that we don't have much place in Delhi. Either I don't know about such place or there is a real need. I am sure that kids would love watching fishes in their own town as well.

Silver Moony is one of the most active fishes we witnessed at Mussourie Aquarium on Mall Road. It was getting extremely difficult to click these. Mainly because of very low light and fast movement. On top of that reflective tanks were making the focusing difficult :) ...

Bumblebee Cichlid was the last fish we met during our Mussourie trip. These were placed on the topmost floor of Jawahar Aquarium.

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