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Some time back I shared about recent visit to Bada Imambara in Lucknow, which also has a maze which is popularly known as 'Bhool Bhulaiya'. This Photo Journey shares some interesting facts about Bhool Bhulaiya with appropriate photographs. Bhool Bhulaiya is probably one of best things to explore in Lucknow town and it's more fun to explore without any guide. At times guides can also add fun to this exploration process, because they also understand that people come to see a maze to have some interesting experience of getting lost. Above two photographs shows the way this maze is created. There are series of entry and exit points on both sides of this corridor. This one is one of the extreme corridors which was easy to click. Inside the maze, light was extremely low, so couldn't capture a good photographs inside the bhool bhulaiya. This photograph shows the roof-top of bhool bhuliyaa which offers some amazing views of the city on one side and Bada Imambara campus on the other. Many of the local folks in Lucknow highly recommend a visit to Bada Imambara. Lot of guides wait for tourists to serve them with a guided tour of bada Imambada and Bhool bhulaiya. Some of the guides are brilliant who take you through the tour in interesting way and ensure that you enjoy this exploration. At times, people suggest not to have a guide when going inside this maze called Bhool Bhulaiya. We also preferred not to have any guide at Bhool Bhulaiya. As we entered inside the maze, we were uncomfortable and not sure how much time it will take to come out. But it was fun to be lost and suddenly you start feeling that it's impossible to get out of this maze now. Now the trick is to follow any group which has a guide with them :) . We did the same and came out. There is a basic rule of coming out of this maze. If you want to know the trick, check out bottom of this post and if you want to have real fun, ignore it now and may come back when stuck inside. In my opinion, Bhool Bhulaiyaa is one of the best things to explore inside Bada Imambara complex. It's a must do thing in Lucknow to explore Bhool Bhulaiya and have fun with your friends & family.READ ONLY IF YOU HAVE NEVER WENT INSIDE THE MAZE - As promised, let us share the basic rule of coming out of Bhool Bhulaiya if you don't have guide with you and are stuck inside for a long time. Always take stairs going up and gradually they will lead to the roof-top. I am assuming that you are reading it while inside the maze and stuck, otherwise I will apologize to spoil the fun.
Black is the place where everything begins and ends. And in the world of Photography, Black brings a different life to frames captured. This time blogging communities are inspiring me to write about the color Black. Blogging communities keep inspiring you do something which makes you think about subtle thoughts that cross your mind without hitting the right words. Black has been one of my favorites and had significant importance in different phases of life. Today it's purely about Photography and Travel !

Nikon D4 is the topmost thing in my wish-list. Last year, I had a chance to use this super-machine, which Nikon wanted me to review. I used it for 4 weeks and didn't want to return back :), and couldn't even afford it that time. I spent significant time shooting various monuments in Delhi and some night photography in Delhi streets. This is something I want to have in future and have been buying other Photography accessories which can be used with Nikon D4 later on.


 Nikon 14-24mm f2.8 is another classic lens which can add lot more value on Nikon D4. This lens has best glasses fitted in such a way that you get superb shots with brilliant colors, sharpness and correct focus. I have used this lens for covering world's one of the toughest off-roading rally in Himalayas - 'Mughal Rally' and here is one of the sample photograph which is shot with Nikon 14-24mm on Nikon's full-frame D700 body.


GoPano Micro Lens 360 degree for my iPhone

As a Travel Photographer, I love shooting Panoramas because of various reasons. You came across some sights which can only be expressed through wide angle lenses, videos or panoramas. Imagine standing on a cliff from where you see a beautiful valley with a view of 180 degrees? Does it make sense to shoot it at 18mm or so? Panorama becomes one of the main medium to capture the beauty in best way, apart from shooting video or time lapse when you have some dynamic elements in the scene (like moving clouds etc.). Most of the times, I click multiple shots using my DSLR and then create high quality panoramas using Adobe Photoshop or using default app in iPhone, which does a great job with ease. I think, now it's time to have something which can help in creating high quality 360 degree panoramas. 

A Sleek & Powerful BLACK Tablet -

 While I am travelling, I always carry my laptop with me and of-course adds more weight to my luggage. This is mainly for accessing important emails and previewing my shots on daily basis. Recently I have feeling the need of having a good tablet to accompany me during my travels. In past, I have shared the one which is used by my wife but that's not practical to share same device when both of us want to connect with rest of the world while travelling :). Many times, both of us go out for blogging meets & conferences and hence can't really rely on one device. Still doing my research for best fit but color would be Black. #WhatTheBlack

A Photo Editing App, which plays only with Blacks, I mean different levels of blacks and help artists create brilliant masterpieces in two perfect colors - One which absorbs everything and the other which reflects everything. I have been using Adobe Lightroom for all my photo editing needs and love it. The screenshot below shows #BlackisBeautiful interface of Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom is now available on iPAD, through which one can access all the assets in main catalog, process them on iPAD and sync back all the changes which can be accessed on your machine. Is't that cool. As a Photographer and Techie, I wish to build an app which is one of the brilliant apps to process Black and White photographs through simplistic and powerful workflows for varied set of Photographers. 

Now that you have already known my wish list, you can help me fulfilling these wishes. So ideas, suggestions, leads, gifts are welcome !

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