Exploring Mussourie in half a day - Another Queen of Hills

Mussourie is one of the most visited hill stations in India and there are multiple reasons for folks to chose Mussourie as a destination. Especially for folks in Delhi, Mussourie is one of the top summer destinations when all kids force their parents to make travel plans during their vacations. This time, we also chose to visit Dhanaulti which 22 kilometers away from Mussrourie and planned to visiting Mussourie during one of the days.

Mussourie used to be a must go place for creative minds and gradually that fading away or the locations around Mussrourie are preferred now. Over the years, like many other hill stations Mussourie has been covered by multiple layers of concrete and usually very crowded, especially during summers. So folks who want to have peaceful vacations, prefer to visit surrounding hill stations having comparatively lesser hustle bustle. 

I liked the fact that Mall Road in Mussourie had enough to engage kids. One of the most difficult thing is to keep kids busy and avoid that one sentence - 'I am getting bored now' :). Although I didn't like the idea of putting these small shops on both the sides of Mall road but these small kiosks are pretty good to entertain kids on the mall and of-course, they make good money.

Jawahar Aquarium on Mall Road is one of the main attraction these days. This is near to the rope-way trolly station on the mall road. There are nominal entry charges for entry and then you need to pay 30 Rs extra, if you want to click photographs. A nice place, especially for kids as they really enjoy watching colorful fishes. Some of the fish names I could remember - Piranha, Tiny Sharks, divine fish etc

Tourism is the most significant segment of Mussoorie's economy. One of the most popular walks around Mussourie is Camel's Back Road. This road takes its name from a rocky outcrop in the shape of a camel's hump. Along the road, a cemetery is located about mid-way on the loop. 'Gun Hill' is another popular place where a cannon was used to sound out midday for many years. Gun Hill is accessible by the cable car from the Mall road. The oldest Christian church in the Himalayas, St Mary's, is situated above Mall Road. I was super happy when saw it. It looks very beautiful from Mall Road, but that day there was some construction happening and way to the church was blocked. 

Kempty Falls is a popular picnic spot around Mussourie. During summers, this is the area which is jammed with lot of vehicles from surrounding states. For me, Kempty Falls have lost it's charm. It has literally become a picnic spot now. I went to Mussourie after 10 years and I was extremely disappointed by looking at current state of Kempty Falls. During off season, it may be better. btw, we didn't reach the falls and that's why you don't any photograph of Kempty falls in this Photo Journey.

Company Garden is another popular tourist place in the town. During summers, the Company Garden has a vast collection of flowers and plants. Lal Tibba is another tourist spot of Mussoorie, but couldn't go there due to lack of time. After this recent visit, I am planning to visit the town again in off season. Some of my friends are fan of Mussourie and I couldn't find any reason for that during summers. Probably I should go during off season and explore it in better way.

During our visit to Mussourie, we spent most of our time on Mall Road which lead us to write a comparative Photo Journey highlighting various aspects associated with Mall Roads in Shimla and Mussourie

Mussourie has definitely everything to ensure that tourists have best stay in the town, but we have a pending trip to Mussourie after monsoons and will share a detailed Photo Journey. Wish us best !

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