"रणथम्बोर में एक भी शेर नहीं है" was repeated thrice by Forest Guard in Ranthambore National Parl, India | #SaveOurTigers

Recently we were in Ranthambore and had three safaris in two days. But even in first Safari, government forest guard told us that "रणथम्बोर में शेर नहीं हैं.". We were in a canter full of Wildlife enthusiasts from different parts of the world. This Photo Journey will share real facts about Tigers in Ranthambore and other appropriate details.

I have been to Ranthambore before and had 2 Safaris here. I had never seen Tiger in Indian National Parks and had my doubts about sighting of Tigers in these dense forests. During our recent safari, one of the tourists asked the forest guard - रणथम्बोर में कितने शेर हैं ?. And he replied that - "रणथम्बोर में एक भी शेर नहीं है। " . Same tourist repeated this question twice and the guard answered the same. It was awesome to hear this conversation between the tourist and forest guard. After a while our canter stopped near a lake for a break and then he told the tourist - 'शेर तो गुजरात में हैं, रणथम्बोर में तो बाघ हैं' . And then he started sharing more about Tigers in Ranthambore National Park. 

Ranthambore has 14 tigers per 100 square kilometers. This information is not verified but shared by one of the nation's leading tiger conservator. Ranthambore has officially 54 Tigers these days but there are some cubs which are not included in this counting. Tigress T-17 had 2 cubs 20 months ago and recently one of the tigress gave birth to 4 cubs, out of which 3 are found in good health. Not sure how many other cubs are there.   

So whenever you are in a Tiger Reserve, never ask that how many 'शेर ' are there in forest :) ... #SaveOurTigers


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