Triund – Heaven can be scaled too || A beautiful trekking experience by Nisha Sharma

I remember how eagerly I searched for Triund Trek long back, when I saw one of its pictures for the first time on some travel portal. That day I made a promise to myself to visit Triund whenever I visit Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh.

All thanks to this picture that filled me with an overwhelming desire to visit this place. Photo Credit - Here

Triund was the only word that echoed in my mind like an alarm whenever I heard the word Dharamshala. The idea was to go on a solo trip but it quickly turned into a girls’ trip when I and three of my friends decided to go with minimum planning. So it was more of a backpacking adventure with no pre-planning whatsoever :)....

Those few moments in air - Triund

After reaching Dharamshala, a hunt for a quiet place away from the hustle-bustle of the town led us to settle at Naddi village, which sounded much more interesting than other places we had searched for, such as upper Bhagsu guest houses, Dharamkot, and McleodganjIt turned out to be an excellent place to stay if one is looking for a quiet, less-crowded, and rustic place, which is surrounded by the village and offers the best view of the Majestic Dhauladhar ranges.

Dhauladhar view from Hotel at Naddi Village

The famous Dal Lake is walking distance from Naddi and from here, one can take an auto, a taxi, or local buses to reach Mcleodganj. One can spot St. John's church while travelling towards Mcleodganj, as it is situated between Dal Lake and Mcleodganj.

Note: Staying at Naddi provided access to two of Dharamshala's most famous places, i.e. Dal Lake and St. John's church as bonu,s as these were at walking distance
from Naddi....BINGO!! :)

Dal Lake in Naddi

In Mcleodganj, Dalai Lama Temple and Tibetan market are must visit places that easily consume half-a-day, if one has enough time to roam around in market area for shopping and trying Tibetan cuisine.

Note: Cameras and other electronic items are not allowed inside Dalai Lama Temple any more :( but this place is surely a treat for peace lovers, as one can enjoy its soothing and calm environment by surrendering oneself to its divinity.

St. John’s Church

Next morning at around 9AM I started my long awaited trek to Triund from Naddi village along with my friends. I had collected enough information from locals by this time and knew that from Naddi village one can reach Dharamkot, which is supposed to be a common point to go further if one is coming from either Bhagsu or Mcleodganj. From Naddi, Dharamkot is at a distance of 3-4kms and this settlement
offers a well-defined walkable path decorated with Rhododendron trees along with sights of mud houses, alpine trees, and colorful Prayer flags.

Note: Rhododendron flowers are a tasty way to prevent dehydration. Chutney made of these flowers is very famous in Kangra district. Also Beware of local dogs as they are not very friendly to strangers here.

En-route Naddi to Dharamkot

Rhododendron flower

From Dharamkot, one has to reach Guna Devi Temple, which serves as a base to those who intend to go further to Triund. This temple can also be reached by road on a local taxi. We preferred to trek from Dharamkot to Guna Devi. This trek surely challenges you, as you start feeling the effect of
altitude. Various ways to reach Guna Devi Base are as mentioned below: Naddi Village --> Dharamkot --> Guna Devi Temple (Can be covered on a car as well as on foot)
Mcleodganj & Bhagsunag --> Dharamkot --> Guna Devi Temple (Can be covered on a car as well as on foot)

The central Hill Top is the Destination

This trek offers panoramic views of Bhagsu village, Mcleodganj, Dharamshala valley, and distant views of Shivalik hills, as well as the plains of Kangra valley. The trek is moderate in nature and not suitable for a family keeping in mind the steep climb and many deep gorges on the way. A small mistake during the climb can be fatal. There are two cafes on the way, one of which is known as 'Magic view' cafe. It is situated at a vantage point when Triund is almost 2kms away. One can sit, relax, and enjoy munchies along with breathtaking views of the entire Kangra valley.

Note: Do not blindly trust the opinions of passersby who are returning from the trek as most of them won’t give favorable comments. It is better that you trust your own instincts. Believe me, it’s more than worth a try.

View from the Magic View Cafe

The last 1 hour stretch is probably the steepest and the path is full of slippery stones. This stretch is a true test of your grit as by now you are fully exhausted and want that very glimpse of Triund. We reached this Majestic hill by 2PM which was not bad at all if somebody is coming from Naddi.

Note: This one glimpse of the place is a curtain raiser to all your expectations about the place. That very first glance will soak away all the tiredness and one starts feeling light with every moment spent there.

That last one hour of Bumpy ride :) 

Snow was a surprise during the last few steps Triund is a large pasture-like land carpeted with green grass. One can see the mighty Dhauladhar ranges right in front. This is the base camp and acclimatization point for the trekkers climbing to the Inderahara point on the Mt. Dhauladhar.

Let’s Discuss Mountains @Triund

Other Places to visit in Macleodganj include Bhagsunag Temple, Bhagsu Waterfall , Shiva Café near Bhagsu Waterfall, and various cafes in Dharamkot.

Note: Here I take another opportunity to reflect my experience of Triund where pictures are telling the larger story than the words. ENJOYYY!!

Just Perfect

Who needs a cushy couch

@Shiva Café

Magnificent view


Cheer-up messages for Trekkers

Distant Smiles :) :)

A Trek to Triund is quite popular among adventure lovers in North India and one can easily plan this from some of the main cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, Shimla, Amritsar etc.

If you liked this post and found it helpful, I would request you to follow these things when traveling -

- Manage your waste well and don’t litter
- Use dustbins. Tell us if you went to a place and found it hard to locate a dustbin.
- Avoid bottle waters in hills. Usually you get clean water in hills and water bottles create lot of mess in our ecosystem.
- Say big no to plastic and avoid those unhealthy snacks packed in plastic bags. Rather buy fruits.

- Don't play loud blaring music in forests of jungle camps. You are a guest in that ecosystem and disturbing the locals (humans and animals) is not polite 

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