'Kids for Tigers' around Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan, India - An Initiative by Aircel #SaveOurTigers

Aircel in partnership with Sanctuary Asia runs the Kids for Tigers (KFT) Express which traverses the villages around Ranthambhore National Park spreading awareness and importance on the need to #SaveOurTiger. The KFT Express is a fully equipped edutainment van with a projector, sound system, generator to self-power, library, conservation movies and a panel of wildlife photographs. This Photo Journey shares more about 'Kids for Tigers' initiative which has helped different conservation stakeholders in achieving their goals.

The very first photograph in this Photo Journey shows the canters which are used for Wildfife Safaris inside the Ranthambore National Park. Kids from neighborhood are taken inside the national park to experience wildlife. Mentors also accompany them to share facts about wildlife in Ranthambore and why conservation of each wild animal is important. 

Above photograph shows the van which goes from one village to another to share stories through books, short movies or group discussions.  

'Kids to Tigers' team lead by Mr Govardhan also organizes various encouraging events for kids on special days like 'Earth Day'. So the initiative not only help these kids in understanding about Tiger conservation, but also about the conservation of natural resources we have got. It's very important for next generation to learn about the values of natural resources and right balance in eco-system.  

Involvement in activities like painting competitions, story telling & declamation always help them grasp things at their own pace. These are some important tools to let them know about various conservation factors and their priority for the society.  

Kids showcasing their work and we want them to flaunt about all this in their respective villages. All this also help in educating their families about nature conservation initiatives. When we met Director Wildlife conservation at Ranthambore, we specifically mentioned about success of this program. It seems that all these kids have become conservation volunteers who have been playing big role in saving wild animal from various dangers in and around villages. Many times, these kids inform forest department or Mr Govardhan about animals (leopards/tigers) in some danger and ask to arrange RRUs for rescue. 

Recognizing talent and thoughtful artworks is always helpful in building a positive and encouraging community. 

These kids around Ranthambore National Park have access to great resources about Tigers in India and at the same time, they have been helping #SaveOurTigers in big way. Hope that such initiatives keep helping our conservation officers to do their duties in best way. 

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