Action in April 2014 || Enjoying the Extended Spring

This year, compared to other years, April was much more pleasant. With frequent Western Disturbances ensuring that we wake up to pleasant morning and the light in the afternoons being less harsh than usual, the month was perfect for photography. Mother Nature played her part by letting the winter and spring flowers bloom right until summer came knocking. The result was a much more exciting April than we had anticipated. Of course the team at Travelling Camera and even our guest bloggers were beyond ourselves with happiness, and the our activities this month echoed these sentiments. Now that the days are getting hotter, looking back at these spring photo journeys is a pure joy and a job I wouldn't exchange for anything. Hopefully we will be able to carry our enthusiasm well into the sweltering summer months as well.

Some of the memories we made in April are especially easy on the eye, so let us start by feasting our eyes on those. The first one has to be our story introducing the youngest birder we know. As expected, the story has touched many hearts as it traveled over the Internet. Click here to read it if you managed to miss it the first time round.

And our first encounter with His Royal Highness Tiger in the wild is the story we love to brag about. So given that we have a chance now, we will flaunt it again. Click here to stare into the eyes of a tiger. 

Nostalgia has become a frequent visitor, and we find this memory about the Lone Cypress Tree on the 17-mile-drive in California especially evocative. Do read and let us know 
whether the wise old tree managed to touch your heart too.

We also found ourselves dreaming of the time we spent in nature's favourite Sahyadri Region near Pune. So here is a little peek into our drive through it during our recent visit to Baramati. 

A recent discussion about Bir Billing and the questions it raised prompted us to document several travel suggestions if you are planning to go paragliding there. Apart from giving you an adrenaline rush, this post will also help feel the cool breeze from the mountains.

We all need travel guides and now with easy to carry smart devices that keep you connected to the Internet all the time, it makes sense to have them live on the Internet. So here are our suggestions about Kasol/Malana. Do read and let us know if you found them useful.

April also saw the World Heritage Day being celebrated. We did our bit by contributing several stories dedicated to Heritage. The first one being about the day itself, and this story gave us a chance to compile the Heritage shots from all over the country into one luscious post. Click here to let your eyes feast on its magnificence.  

No discussion on heritage can be complete without a substantial section about our capital city, Delhi, which is generously spiced up by architectural samples of various eras. Click here to read the travel guide we compiled about the city we are sure deserves to be crowned as a World Heritage City. 

And of course we cannot help but talk about the city of Nawabs here that till date retains its splendour and tehzeeb. Here is our post about this enigmatic old city, and of course it does talk about the legendary Bhool Bhulaiyan too.

While talking of heritage, it is fitting that we revisit little town in Rajasthan that his steeped up in history and heritage, Ramgarh. And in particular, this little haveli that has now been converted into a hotel. So here is our post about the Ramgarh Frescoes. 

And of course we shared some photography tips and tricks from our bag. Hope you find them useful.

This one will give help you understand the complicated world of Color Management. Let us know if you have more questions on this one. 

This post will help you create splendid slideshows to showcase you photographs. Do try it out and share the results. 

And this one talks about opening your photographs as a layer. We all know how useful it can be. So try it out and let us know if it works for you. 

And while our team was on its toes, our guest authors were busy giving us a tough competition. So here are some delightful posts from our talented guest authors this month:

Our frequent contributor Atanu Dey brought to us the account of an exhibition with a difference. Click here to read his endorsement of the tremendous hard work put in by a passionate individual Vikramjit Singh Rooprai. 

Nikhil Sharma took us back into the lap of nature with his tale about the lesser-known Kanatal. Click here to inhale the intoxicating scent of deodars and pines

Karan Gupta carved a place in our hearts by talking about one of our favourite heritage buildings, the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies (Viceregal Lodge, Shimla). Click here to read his story and fall in love with the place. 

And no monthly digest can be complete without a story by the awesome Bhavna Negi. This month she paints Travelling Camera with our favourite colour. Yes, you guessed it - GREEN. Click here to read her account of the wonderful initiative by Adobe CSR.

And, last but not the least, these numbers should give you some idea about how the world reacted to Travelling Camera in April 2014:

Total number of stories in March 2014: 25
Total number of page views till date: 19.60 Lac and counting
Total number of page views in January 2014: More than 61,000

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