Selective Coloring in a Photograph using Layer-Masks and Adjustment Layers of Adobe Photoshop Elements

Few months we had shared a very simple method of highlighting some main colors in a photograph but that method is not very efficient when color of main subject resembles with the background. So here we are sharing another easy to use process of making a particular object colored and remaining as black & white using layer-masks. Check Out !!!

1. Open your photograph in Adobe Photoshop Elements through File Menu option called "Open". Image will be shown as per screenshot shown below.

2. Now create duplicate layer of background layer for this photograph.
        - Layers Menu > Duplicate OR
        - Layer Palette

Layers will be shown as the screenshot below is showing one above another.

3. Make background layer invisible by clicking on eye shown in the checkbox.
4. Go to Adjustment Layer options and select Hue/Saturation option as shown in screenshot below:

5. Move Saturation slider to left-most point to make this layer black-n-white. (Please see screenshot below)

6. Now select Layer-Mask option which is on left side of Adjustment-Layer icon (As white rectangle..)
7. And select the brush to select area you want to color. If your selection is not precise, use white color brush to remove unwanted areas from your selection.

Isn't it easy to have a specific area as colored and other in Black-n-White !!! Please leave your comment about the procedure mentioned above and any specific details you would want to see on this blog !!!


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