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Peacock is one of the most colorful birds and is also National Bird of India. It can be found in most parts of the country, especially in North India. Especially when you are in wild, Peacock can be seen in abundance. They keep walking and flying freely. If you are lucky, you may find them dancing around a group of peahens.  Peacock is also considered as symbol of love, joy, beauty and grace.  We really love Peacocks and it's a real delight to watch these colorful birds around us. This Photo Journey shares more photographs of Peacocks from different parts of the country and some facts about this beautiful bird.

Males are more colorful than females. The ones with long green wings are males called peacocks and the males are called Peahens, which can be seen in photograph just below. Peacock has been very important part of Indian society from old days. In old days people used to infer various things from movement of Peacocks. E.g. - when they spread their wings, it's considered that rain is coming. Actually Peacocks spread their tail when their are dark clouds. But there are various other reasons as well, when they do the same. They do it to impress the Peahens as well.  

They have very distinguishable sound and one can clearly make out that the sound coming from a distant part is Peacock. Peafowls can be of different colors but the one which is most popularly seen in Indian continent is the green peafowl.  

 Whenever we go to any forest or national park in India, we enjoy watching these beautiful birds roaming around the bushes. These are usually seen in groups. Usually more peahens are seen in a group as compared to peacocks. Kikar Tiger reserve has peacocks in huge number. This is the first place when I saw hundreds of peacocks during jungle safari. During different trips to Rajasthan we saw various peacocks in last few years and observed different kinds of activities they do. I know, I don't have that great collection of peacock photographs but I don't mind that. It's great to watch these beautiful birds without camera in front of the eyes.

Similarly Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan has huge number of peacocks.  Relatively Corbett National park in Uttrakhand has lesser number of Peacocks and in fact, I have hardly seen peacocks there. When I recall about Corbett memories, I don't recall any sighting of peacocks there. That's really surprising :) .. I have been to Corbett many  times and can't recall any encounter of peacocks while we get to see various other colorful birds there. 

While sharing this post, I realized that I don't have good collection of peacock photographs. So I need to work to have good collection for better appreciation of these beautiful birds, which is also the National Bird of India.  

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