Tiger Safari in Ranthambore National Park with Govardhan | #SaveOurTigers

India is one of the favorite destination when it comes to Tiger Tourism. India has maximum number of Tigers in the world and wildlife conservation department ensures that we maintain the count. Over last few years the Tiger population in India has increased. Few years back Tiger population was decreasing drastically and it had reached 1400+, which has reached 1700+ now. This Photo Journey some of the photographs clicked by Govardhan, who is one of the various conservators of Tigers in India. Various folks, directly or indirectly, are associated with Tiger conservation in India.

Govardhan works with local communities around Ranthambore National Park to make people aware about Wildlife conservation. It's not only about Tigers but his organization has a larger vision when it comes to conservation of Wildlife and Natural resources. 

Govardhan is involved in various activities and mainly work on 'Kids for Tiger' program which is supported by Aircel for #SaveOurTigers program. 

All photographs in this Photo Journey are clicked by Govardhan during different safaris with Kids. He goes from one village to another to distribute books and show movies about wildlife/tigers.  

Over the time, things have changed and now kids from surrounding villages play a big role in conservation of Tigers. They have become a great source of information for Wildlife Conservation department and many other NGOs involved in Tiger conservation. In various cases, these kids educate their families as well.  

Tiger tourism is one of the biggest tourism industries in India. Tiger conservation is very critical for the country and various stakeholders involved. Apart from many other reasons, it's very important for folks who earn from tiger tourism. Conservationists like Govardhan add a lot of value to nature, our country and many of the families which are dependent on this tourism.

And wildlife is not only about Tigers but more about the experience of various encounters in the wild. These encounters can be colorful birds or crocodiles. 

Ranthambore is considered as one of the best national parks in India for spotting Tigers. Deers, Peacocks, Green bee-eaters & monkeys are frequently seen in the forest and all of these help in locating Tigers when they are around. Leopard is also spotted in Ranthambore Nation Park in Rajasthan state of India.

Tigers in these national parks come closer to safari jeeps very comfortably and don't care even if hundreds of tourists surround them. But at the same time everyone needs to be responsible about small things while in wild. I really appreciate the fact that most of the drivers in Safari Jeeps & guides are very sensitive towards the conservation process in the country. They truly care about these wild animals. 

Thanks Govardhan for sharing these beautiful photographs with us at Photo Journey !

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