How to create interesting Photo Collages in Adobe Photoshop Elements?

Many of us try to share our photographs in some creative ways. Photo Collages are one of the popular creation for sharing photographs. Here is one Collage I have created in Adobe Photoshop Elements

 Let's see how this was created with some detailed steps:

1. Select photographs in your Organizer and go to Create Pane.
2. Click on "Photo Collage" Button

 3. All Selected files will be opened in Adobe Photoshop Elements EDTIOR in Photo Collage workflow.

4. Select appropriate Theme for your Collage on Right top. 

5. After selecting Theme, opt for a layout.
: Here I have chosen a layout with three frames because I wanted to fit all three photographs in one Collage file.

6. Click DONE button after selecting THEME and LAYOUT for PHOTO COLLAGE.

7. On clicking DONE, all photographs will be placed on a collage and now onwards you will have to work on each frame to place these photographs in better way. Since its a PSD file, you can do more things in this collage. Final output can be seen on top... 

Please write back through comments in case you want to know more about this...


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