Can there be a better place to play Golf? || A Photo Journey to Naldera Golf Club (Himachal) by Jitendra Singh

Golf in Himalayas - does it sound exciting? Naldera in Himachal Pradesh has a beautiful Golf Club, which is just 20 odd kilometers from the capital city of Himalayan State. Shimla is one of the most popular summer destination for folks who love exploring hills and Naldera is also located nearby. This Photo Journey shares some of the beautiful photographs shot by Jitendra Singh, one of the best Indian Travel Photographers. 

Jitendra Singh has shared some of the brilliant Photo Journeys from different parts of India and now this is one from Himalayan Golf Club near Shimla.  

This Golf Club was built in early 1900 by British viceroy, who has been operating from summer capital Shimla. There is a huge Viceroy house in Shimla which is now known as Indian Institute of Advanced Studies. Naldera Golf Club was built for Viceroy for using it during winters. 

This used to be our favorite destination during weekends, when we were doing sour B.Tech in Himachal Pradesh University in Shimla.  

Initially it was a 9 hole Golf Club which has been upgraded to 18 hole Golf course now and there are plans to further upgrade it. This has been one of the favorite places to golf for royal families in India. Still some of the royal clubs of India plan their visit to Naldera Golf Club to celebrate special days every year. 

Naldera is another beautiful destination around Shimla and nature lovers should visit it. At the same time, it's not very different from other surrounding hills. So if you are not interested in seeing this Golf Club, there is hardly  anything there in Naldera. Rather move to Chail :) 

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