Rappelling and WaterFall trekking in Rishikesh, Uttrakhand (India) - By Deepak Gupta

After a lot of discussion rounds with the team, we decided to go on Camping to Rishikesh for this year's team trip, as we go every year on a trip from our Office with colleagues and family.

We booked a tempo-traveller for 13 people and started our journey Friday later night. Saturday Morning we reached our camps which was on river beds and weather was chilling.

The agenda for the day was Rappelling and a beautiful waterfall trek.

We reached at our rappelling site at around 11:00 AM in the morning. People got busy playing with the river water and enjoying the view.

Some of us took rest along side the river while some started crossing the river which was rather a smaller stream.

Then started our rappelling session. For most of us, it was the first time. Hence, we were too scared in the beginning.

But soon we realized that "Dar ke aage jeet hai" and started enjoying it - or should I say, for some of us there was no option. :)

The height was high enough for us and the rocks were rough too.

Our guide was Sonu from the camp. He made us leave both our hands from the rope and then we felt that it is quiet safe.

While we were doing rappelling one by one, rest of the people were enjoying the view sitting down and having snacks.

After that, we started our trek to the waterfall. By this time we were too exhausted for a trek. But, Vikram showed real spirit and carried Viren on his back all the way to and back from waterfall. Kudos to him setting an example !! :)

It was a 50 minutes long trek with lots of slippery rocks along the way which goes up to the hill.

Finally we reached at the waterfall site. The view was magical. Many of us have not seen such a beautiful waterfall, certainly not me.

We also enjoyed bathing in the chilled water of waterfall.
After that we came back to our camps and enjoyed the evening with snacks and guitar performances.

Next day morning we took a nature walk. There were only few of us who were awake that early in the morning.

We left the camp at around 10:00AM for an exciting rafting session in the afternoon.


Subham Gupta said…
Awesome shots :)

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