Peer ki Gali – Help yourself to some paradise : By Vibha Mlhotra, TOI

Sprawling green meadows, dotted with virgin snow and glaciers that give birth to several milky streams meandering through the grasslands – the name “Peer ki Gali” can never prepare you for this ethereal sight. Secluded and isolated, Peer ki Gali lies at the highest point of the Mughal Road at approximately 11,500 ft, connecting the Kashmir Valley with the Poonch and Rajouri Districts. Cutting through the majestic mountains and the Hirpora Wildlife Sanctuary, this is perhaps one of the most rewarding routes in terms of the pristine scenic beauty.

Several magnificent horses graze lazily on the velvety grass and the sheep as well do not seem to be in a hurry to get anywhere. The cool air gently brushes past as contemplative shepherds observe you with a silent, interested gaze. You don’t feel offended and return their gracious smiles without any second thoughts. This is a world without malice. So when you come across the Shrine of Hazrat Ahmad Karim Sahib, you instinctively know that this is the most appropriate site for the Ziarat.

Time seems to stand still even as the gentle gurgling of the stream nearby reminds you of your journey that needs to be resumed soon. Sudden rains bring an abrupt end to your procrastination, and breathing in the fresh, fragrant air for the last few times, you reluctantly get up and get going. But this is not where it ends. Once you have been to Peer ki Gali, you can never leave it behind. Its enchanting sights and charm stay with you forever in your memories, often calling out to you when you close your eyes.   

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