Looking Back at October 2014 || Our Month Dedicated to Travel

If you take a minute and look around, you will find that almost everyone is either planning for a trip, or has just come back from one, or is at least dreaming of one. But have you ever questioned why is it travel seems to be on its way to be the most popular hobby soon. Why is everyone suddenly packing their bags?

A bit of thinking, and we have arrived at the following list on why people like to travel:

1) To get away from it all
The farther the better, and even better if there is no internet access in the area or, better still, no mobile access. This is especially true for folks whose professions require them to be on phone/laptop all the time. For them, there's no better de-stress option than travel to some faraway place, preferably Narnia.

2) To experience beauty
This can be interpreted in several ways. One may travel to another country to see "beautiful" people, or one may travel to places of natural beauty to get away from all the concrete. Or one may go away in search of beautiful thoughts. To each their own!

3) To get a feel of other cultures
With our needs being taken care of, our levels of curiosity about how other people live their lives has increased. The result is (among other things) Halloween being celebrated with such gusto in India. And of course the increasing popularity of homestays. And people taking up training opportunities in other countries to really soak it all in. Or hunger and capacity for new experiences seems to have increased.

4) To explore a variety of cuisines
I don't know about others, but this is one important reason why I love to travel. I love to explore how those exotic sounding dishes they cook on Masterchef actually taste. And so far, with the exception of "black pudding" and raw oysters, nothing has disappointed me. I love English, Scottish, Italian, French, Thai, American, Japanese, South Indian, Goanese, Bengali, Rajasthani, Punjabi, Bihari, Gujarati and every other cuisine I have tried so far. Only Chinese doesn't excite me much. I prefer the coconuty Thai instead.

Well, these are only a few reasons. We are sure you have your own reason to travel. Do share it with us. Leave a comment. Tell us why do you Travel?

Photo journey took travel seriously this past month. We not only traveled distance-wise, but also experience-wise and skill-wise. Let us explain this.

Even though we haven't been to New Zealand yet, we did make it as far as the New Zealand High Commission. And icing on the cake is that we met Celebrity Chef Kunal Kapoor and Chef Sebi there and clicked some selfies with them. It was awesome to see Chef Kunal cook and to taste the Avocado delicacies he was churning out at break-neck speed. Click here to read about our experience: Avocado launch event at New Zealand High Commission, Delhi

Skill-wise, we traveled a great distance in our creative writing skills. We attended Literature Studio's workshop "Conjuring a Story - A Flash Fiction Writing Workshop in Delhi by LIterature Studio || #CreativeWritinginIndia". It was indeed a great learning experience.

Our guest writers, too, supported our cause and contributed several intriguing tales that take us on various explorations.

Our regular guest writer (seems to be an oxymoron now) wrote with her usual spirit and came up with another write-up that as usual became an instant hit. Click here to read The Festive Fervour at Adobe Systems, Noida || By Bhavna Negi.

A real visual treat, this report by our guest writer Amit, is the best possible example for our #2 reason to travel. See it to believe it: A visit to the world of creativity - Sand Art Museum, Mysore, India | By Amit Aggarwal.

Our guest writer Sanjeev traveled to Kullu and was present at the scene while the legendary Dussehra celebrations unfolded. Click here to read his account: The famous Kullu Dussehra Fair starts on Vijay Dashmi - Live updates by Sanjeev Sharma (#MobileGIRI).

Another guest writer, Yash Raj, also witnessed the Kullu Dussehra and he intrigued us with this interesting disclosure. Click here to read how 8000+ folk dancers made a record during International Kullu Dussehra Festival in Himachal Pradesh, India | By Yash Raj.

We also traveled to the East and our

The Color of our Festival - By Abhijeet Chatterjee || Sindur Khela during Dugra Pooja

PHOTO JOURNEY team supports Clean India campaign

Special Discount for Photo Journey Writers Literature Studio workshop.

Now, we are off to Pushkar with like minded folks who love Photography and Travelling - International Pushkar Camel Fair

And to conclude, here are some stats that we will aim to beat next month:

Total number of stories in July 2014: 38
Total number of page views till date: 24,50,000 +
Total number of page views in July 2014: 1,06,000

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