An experience of Mystery Rooms in Delhi (India)

Few weeks back Adobe friends planned to visit Mystery Rooms in Delhi and this post shares my personal opinion about the experience.

This place is located in Rajouri Garden and it’s in a basement of huge marble outlet. I had heard a lot about the place and most of us were really excited to be there and experience something new. We started from office(Noida) at around 3pm and reached the place by 4:40pm. It’s located in the middle of famous marble market in Rajouri Garden.

There is reasonable space for parking and the Mystery Rooms team helps in finding parking for you. At least, they did this for our group.  After parking our vehicles, we moved to the space. Entry was very basic and some of us started doubting about the quality of the place. As we got down, we reached the reception area with few sofas put around one of the corners. Next to that is a huge hall with a pool table and few bean-bags. 

There are 2 mystery rooms on both the sides of this hall. One Mystery room is known as ‘The Hurt Locker’, wherein a team is put inside the room for 60 minutes. There is a bomb planted inside the room. Players need to find clues and reach to the stage of diffusing the bomb and come out of the room safely. 

The other Mystery room is ‘Lockout’, which is again a 60 minute game wherein players need to break the prison and come out safely.

Our group was divided into 4 groups, each having 5-6 players. 2 teams experienced ‘The Hurt Locker’ and other 2 played ‘Lockout’. At any point of time, only 2 teams can play and hence 2 of the teams had to wait for 60 minutes. The Mystery Room team had arranged some snacks, drinks and hukkah   during the wait time. Also there is a pool table which can be used when you are waiting. They order snacks from outside and arrange basic soft-drinks & juices. Personally I didn’t like the snacks served. Over the period of the time, the floor around the snacks table got dirty and no one was really worried about that. It seemed like an unprofessional team running this space. 

As far as the real games are concerned, most of the folks enjoyed doing it. At the same time, it’s a good one time experience. I would never go again to that place unless some exciting Mystery Houses are introduced in future. 

Check out following link to know more about this place and what it offers -


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