Mandate every office to deploy dustbins around their office-campuses and encourage the supporting systems || #CleanIndia

I am a software professional working in Noida and there are thousands of offices where millions of employees work in Noida only. Clean India campaign has made people aware but everyone in society needs to understand the importance of taking preventive measures to not make places dirty. It’s very unfortunate that many times, well educated people don’t  understand the importance of not littering and start giving lame excuses that it’s responsibility of government to ensure that places are clean. Idea is not to blame each other, but see how everyone of us can take smaller steps to achieve the bigger goal. And we should have encouraging environment which continuously motivates everyone to avoid littering and take cleaning measures wherever needed.

Here I propose that authorities mandate all offices to put sufficient dustbins in office campus and here I mean outside. Offices need to take responsibility of their vicinity, which include the space just outside the office buildings and small kiosks installed by small entrepreneurs to support regular needs to employees – like snacks, tea, food stalls. Many times employees can be seen smoking and littering just outside the office. One year back, when Clean India campaign was not there we had a discussion within office that some of the employees who go out to smoke, throw tea cups and wrappers just outside the gate. We used to see lot of cigarratte remains on our main gate. Our office tool an initiative to put few dustbins. Some folks started using them, but few ignored them and still do the same. I am talking about folks who are engineers and work on some of the top technology solutions in the world.

But end of the it’s all about keep taking smaller steps and we would be there. Many times we also to spread awareness amongst security folks standing at the gate or people who have installed kiosks outside our offices. These folks can make a big difference by simply reminding  the folks in polite way. These are very small things which work beautifully, it done diligently. 

And it’s not only about offices or enterprises. It should also be mandated to shopkeepers, market authorities, RWA authorities. Measures, guidelines and responsibilities can be different for different sort of individuals or organizations but fundamentals remain the same. Be responsible and step forward to take charge of cleanness of your house, society, office, locality, city, state and the country. 

I am very happy to see corporates and NGO coming up for the Clean India cause. Many of the organizations are doing great stuff to encourage society for taking preventive actions. I am a strong believer of preventive actions rather than doing mistakes and correcting them. Although correcting mistakes also need a lot of courage. Here I also want to call out all CSR (Corporate Responsibility Responsibility) programs to think seriously about these small steps which can bring a BIG change for us and next generations. We need to make it a habit and I am sure that it will happen with time.

This is my second attempt to write about #CleanIndia

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