The Great Indian Chai Experience - Restaurant on the way to Kannur

After crossing the Western Ghats on our flying taxi, I was severely mountain sick. I needed to stop and realign myself. Anyone who suffers from mountain sickness would know how dead it can make you feel. We were on our way from Wayanad to Kannur and even though it is only a 3-hour-long drive, we requested our driver to stop somewhere. He stopped in the town named Nidumpoyil at the restaurant that served snacks, chai, and coffee. The restaurant was called Hotel Prakash. Vijay ordered chai and vada for himself while I ordered just chai. We also bought some orange candy for my journey ahead. For those who suffer from mountain sickness, I have discovered that keeping a candy in your mouth helps a lot. Anyways, Vijay loved his vada, and my opinions about the chai are shared below.

However, we soon continued on our journey with VJ feeling refreshed and me feeling alive again.

Following are our observations about the chai:

Serving: Decent. Indian-style in a glass that was bigger than the regular chai-wallah glass.

Temperature: Perfect

Appearance: Light orange, too milky

Aroma: Aroma of tea that is too milky when the tea leaves haven't been boiled enough.

Taste: A tea that looks too milky, often tastes too milky. Add to that the fact that they hadn't any cardamom or cinnamon that Kerala is famous for. So it was basically chai-mein-patti.

Value for money? Tea costed Rs. 7 per cup. It is value for money if you are desperate for a cup of tea.

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