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I have never done this before and this time as well, it was more of a whim when I approached the artist near Banasura Sagar Dam in Wayanad. The board claimed that he could draw a cartoon in 3 minutes and a caricature in 8-12 minutes, so we decided to give it a try. Fortunately, there was no queue and I didn't have to wait to get my cartoon made by Tanish. The cartoon you see on left is created by Tanish in approximately 7 minutes and I loved his work. This made me write this post about Tanish Daniels. Don't miss the video shared below.

There was a huge queue when Tanish completed my cartoon. Wish him a great run as an artist !


Paresh Kale said…
ant they are talented !
Indrani said…
Good to know about him.
I am really scared to pose for cartoonists, what if they draw a long nose for me! :)
Paresh - no doubt about it.

Indrani - In my case, he didn't have to do many modification to make it look like a cartoon :)
D.Nambiar said…
VJ, I'm going to go there and get my caricature done. :)
D.Nambiar said…
That's actually more of a portrait!

Wow! great job.
Ohh nice D.Nambiar !

Now I should also think of taking a cut for referrals :)

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