The Great Indian Chai Experience - OceanO at Srirangapatna on the Bangalore-Mysore Road

We were on our way from Delhi to Wayanad. And to reach Wayanad, we had landed in Bangalore and taken a local bus to Sultan's Battery in Wayanad. It turned out to be a long journey and the only beverage we had was at the Delhi Airpot at 6am. You can read about it here

So, you can probably see why we were dying for a decent cup of tea by 3:00pm when our bus stopped for lunch at a restaurant called OceanO at Srirangapatna on the Bangalore Mysore Road. After finishing off a plate of chicken biryani, Vijay asked the conductor whether we had time for a cup of tea. To our delight he said we had plenty of time. we confirmed And we ordered two cups of chai. The vendor had pre-prepared tea in a flask and he quickly poured it in two cups and handed the cups to us.  

Following are our observations about it:

Serving: Tiny. Should have been double the amount.

Temperature: Just hot enough. Not too hot, so as to burn the tongue, and not too cold as well. 

Appearance: perfect orangish brown.

Aroma: Nice fragrance of the tea-leaves plus a waft of Cardamom 

Taste: Really good. Taste-wise it was the best Great Indian Chai Experience so far. The presence of cardamom made us wish the cup was much larger.  

Value for money? Rs. 10 per cup. Though we didn't mind spending this much on such awesome cup of tea, the quantity was too less for the price. 

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