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Soochippara waterfall in Wayanad region of Kerala looks like an exciting place when we look at the photographs on internet, this place has lot more than this waterfall.  This Photo Journey will share more details about the place, the way to reach this waterfall and other related stuff. Hope that post  would be helpful for you to decide if you want to visit Soochippara waterfalls in Wayanad or not.

There is a significant trek to reach Soochippara Waterfalls. After beautiful drive through tea gardens we hit a spot from where road conditions was in bad shape. It was 3 kilometers drive from this point till the waterfall parking. Our auto dropped us outside the parking and from there we had to trek till the waterfall. It was a down slope till waterfall and the folks coming from other other side looked quite tired. We ignored the expressions on their faces and kept walking :).

After a while we realized that it's not a small trek, although reaching the waterfalls was not that tiring. With time, we realized that why all the folks were tired when they were coming back. It was a steep climb from the waterfall to the parking area. 

Entry ticket for Soochippara waterfalls costs 80 rs per person and 40 rs for camera. If you are carrying water bottles, you are supposed to get it tagged and deposit 50 rs per bottle. This money is refunded when you come back and show the bottles with tags. Those tags are removed and money is refunded to you. Idea is to keep the place around waterfall clean and plastic-free. Other eatable are also not allowed beyond the checking counter. 

As we reached closer to the waterfall, it was again flooded with lot of tourists :). Everyone was enjoying in water except few folks who were settled at distant rocks to just enjoy the view. We also chose to find another rock at a distance. We spent around 30 minutes around the waterfall and then thought of heading back. 

No doubt, it's a huge waterfall. Size of people in first photograph would give you a sense of it's grandness. It seems that waterfall size increases during monsoons and it looks more beautiful. 

One needs to walk for 30-45 minutes to reach Soochipara waterfalls and back journey may take even an hour. There are also 50-70 stairs on the way. The path is well maintained and not a rough one. 

Soochipara Falls also known as Sentinel Rock Waterfalls which is a three-tiered waterfall in Vellarimala, Wayanad, Kerala. This waterfall is beautifully surrounded by Evergreen  and Montane  forests. 

The word 'Soochi' means 'Needle' and 'Para' means 'Rock'.  The Sentinel Rock Waterfalls is 200 metres and offers a cliff face that is ideal for rock climbing. The water from Soochipara Falls later joins Chulika River or popularly known as Chaliyar River. 

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Veena said…
Nice write up...
Worth reading
Amazing pics...would love to visit this place sometime..
Happy Day
Indrani said…
I could almost hear the sounds. Gorgeous captures.
Thanks Veena, Indrani and Nimi !

Indrani - Could you also hear the noise :) ?
R Niranjan Das said…
This is a lovely waterfalls. However, it is quite crowded most of the times. Nice post!

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