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After spending 5 days in different parts of Wayanad region of North Kerala, we headed towards Kannur for Theyyam festival and plan was to stay on a beach homestay called 'Blue Mermaid'. After an interesting joureny of 3.5 hrs from Threkkapatta, we reached Blue Mermaid and checked our room. It was quite hot as compared to Wayanad. 

Room was clean and had wonderful view of the sea. The very first photograph was clicked from the balcony of our room. The building where we were staying had 6 rooms. Our room had AC, but no remote control. We didn't bother much to switch it on. Most of the times we were out and during nights, weather was manageable. Apart from this 2 storey building there was another cottage having 2(or 3) rooms. 

It's a huge compound with nice views of the sea. The place was full of foreigners. We were the only Indians at Mermaid during those 2 days. Indu and Pradeep run this property with the help of a boy and 2 ladies in the kitchen. They have also tied up with some taxi/auto service providers to arrange vehicles for local sightseeing. 

At this property, everyone is supposed to come to the dining area for food, tea or snacks. This dining area is located in the garden. No one can order anything. The food served is nice, but you don't feel like eating local stuff which you would expect at a Homestay. You can expect some Kerala food cooked in different style and things like - break, omelette, cakes, toasts etc. Liquor is also served at this property. This is first homestay I found where liquor is served so professionally :). 

While staying there, we never felt that we are staying in a Homestay. There was no warmth that you usually experience at a Homestay and not even a service you expect in a resort. So we couldn't really decide if this is a Homestay or a Resort. This is probably something different which needs to be named by Travel industry. 

Somehow we were extremely disappointed during the stay at Kannur after spending excellent time in Wayanad Homestays at Meenangadi and Thrikapatta. On top of that some weird experiences happened during our stay, which made us feel bad about our decision. Having said that, this property is very well located. It's just 100 yards away from the beach and it was well maintained green area around the rooms. 

Some time of the stay went in stress, but majorly we tried to enjoy our trip by forgetting about all bitter experiences of this homestay. We didn't want to have such an end of our Kerala trip. 

Above photograph shows the view of sea from our balcony. 

Here is the view of Blue Mermaid building where guests stay. 

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Roohi Bhatnagar said…
So I understand that this place is not recommended by you.. rt?
Yes. That's correct Roohi !

Knowing all these facts earlier, I wouldn't have stayed there.

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