The First Writers' Circle at Literature Studio || #CreativeWriting

Last Saturday was working for me in office and after coming back from home, I had a chance to join Writers' Circle organized by Vibha at our place. This was a very focused forum with restricted participation by writers from different walks of life. This is how Literature Studio envisioned Writers' Circle - "Writers' Circle is a support group for writers who wish to be among like-minded people. If you are writing a book, and wish you had friends who would critique it objectively and constructively, this circle is for you. If you want to start writing and are looking for inspiration, this circle is for you. If you wish to be able to share your work fearlessly without the fear of being judged, this circle is definitely for you."

Published author and Editor of Open Road Review magazine, Mr Kulpreet Yadav was also a part of the first Writers' circle. I was late for this meet but got a chance to know about Kulpreet's journey towards publishing his first book - 'Catching the Departed'. The conversation between between Kulpreet Yadav and other folks was very interactive and informative. Some of the participants of Writers' circle are working on their first novel and needed to discuss the idea. Some of the folks were not very sure of the process. So it was a good platform to share the ideas or writings and take feedback from experts from Literature Studio. 

This time, I was late for the meet and but next time I will ensure that I join Writers' Circle on time. After Writers' Circle, Kulpreet spent some time with us over tea. We enjoyed discussing about different strategies authors adopt to publish and market their books. It was interesting to know about the way different publishers work on first books of authors and their respective marketing strategies. All this was new to me and I enjoyed listening to these interesting conversations between Vibha & Kulpreet. Looking forward to the next Writers' Circle. 


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