MTB riders enjoying fresh snow on hills around Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

The news of heavy snowfall in different parts of hilly states of north India are continuously coming on TV and at the same time, I came across some interesting updates from friends who have been enjoying MTB riding on fresh snow in Shimla. I requested for these beautiful photographs from HASTPA team, to share these inspiring moments with PHOTO JOURNEY viewers. 

Snowfall sounds very exciting, but at the same time it brings lot of challenges for local residents. Like every other tourist, MTB riders of shimla came together this weekend as well and planned to enjoy snow rides today. Notice the way snow has settled on the branches of the trees on Shimla hills. 

Snowfall before Christmas brings lot of happy moments around Shimla hills, especially folks enjoy it the most who are involved in tourism activities. After seeing these photographs, I was wondering about the way cycle act on fresh snow.  

Here is something that Ashish Sood shares about this ride -

"The spirit of human souls is exploring things that have never been done before. That's how we have built. The toughest ride ever !! With temperatures far below the zero Mark, winds gushing through deep pine forests somehow maneuvering their way to our already frozen faces and bringing with them icy cold particles of snow.

Feet entrenched deep in heaps of snow , every step was no less than a battle. A battle with self. The bikes weighed more than they ever had. Body refused to accept the numb hands and feet as a part of itself.

The slippery Downhills never ended. What usually took 5-7 minutes on a regular day took more than 30 minutes.

The bikes danced around on snow as men and women do on alcohol.
The chai never felt better.
The toughest 13 ever... Even the spirit of the likes of gurman went for a toss, even the best like devender cried for some warmth."

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