Photo-Editing Tips & Tricks - Black-Magic of Lightroom || Making best use of 'BLACKS' in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Do you also like blacks in your photographs like me? Today I thought of sharing very basic things I do in photographs having high contrast due to direct sunlight on main subject and dull/dark background. Most of the light conditions don't allow you do achieve pure black in the background, so you need to handle it in softwares like Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Follow below mentioned steps to achieve pure blacks in your photographs to make your main subject pop out in the frame.

For such photographs you have two basic options -

1. Intensify the shadows by moving the slider towards left
2. Make blacks darker by moving 'Blacks' slider towards left

Whenever you use these controls be sure that any movement is not destroying your main subject. To avoid that, try not to use Shadows slider if you can achieve reasonable results using Blacks sliders. 

Give it a try to relevant photographs and share your inputs.


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