How to Resize a Photograph in Pixels instead of Inches, Precent, CMs, MMs, Points, Picas and Columns?

This is very common thing to re-size a photographs in pixels, but this is a common query which is asked on forums or blogs. When we open a photograph in Adobe Photoshop Elements and launch Image Resize options through Image Menu, we see pixel information disabled and resizing options are presented in Inches, Precent, CMs, MMs, Points, picas and Columns but not pixels. Does this sounds odd to you?

We understand that the real confusion here, but it's quite simple to resize your photographs in Pixels. Please follow below mentioned steps and you would be able to access controls which allow you to resize a Photograph in Pixels -

1. Launch Editor of Adobe Photoshop Elements.
2. Open the photograph you want to resize.
3. Go to Image Menu and Select Resize and then Image resize.
4. A dialog will be shown with Pixel information on top, which is disabled and other options in bottom part.
5. Now simply check the option for 'Resample Image'
6. This will enable Pixel dimension Section in Image-Resize window of Adobe Photoshop Elements.
7. Add appropriate values and your resizing is only step away. Next obvious step is to click OK Button.

Please feel free to comment back with your experience of this solution or anything else related to Adobe Photoshop Elements.


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