How to copy edit settings from one photograph to another in Adobe Photoshop Elements

Do you spend lot of time in processing your photographs in Adobe Photoshop Elements and feel the need of copying Edit Settings from one photograph to others? We picked this topic today because we have received lot of queries in this regard in past few months. Most of the times editing required in photographs from one shoot are mostly similar and most of us want to do it as quickly as possible. So this article is to clarify things on this need...

The simple answer to this query is 'NO' - There is no way in Adobe Photoshop Elements, through which you can copy edit settings from one photograph to other. 

So if idea is to reduce time by quickly editing a batch of photographs, you can try Process Multiple Photographs which provide a way of applying different quick edits on multiple photographs in one go. Here you just need to provide the location of photographs and need to mention the quick edits you want to apply. When inputs provided, click OK and it will automatically do the processing for you. 

Many times folks ask about any alternative and we always recommend LIGHTROOM which takes care of COPY-PASTE, SYNC of Edit Settings brilliantly. We strongly recommend to download trial of Lightroom and try this feature.

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